Agriculture Show and World Food Day Reply


A very, very big pig

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock’s Agriculture Show has been taking place at the Art Gallery in Honiara this week and will continue to Friday 17th October. The show includes a celebration for World Food Day on Thursday, with the theme this year being ‘Family farming – Feeding the world, caring for the earth’.

There are lots of different people to talk to at the Show including representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Kastom Gaden, Biosecurity Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands National University and the Women in Agriculture Extension Service.

Literature is also available, some free and some for purchase, such as ‘How to Start Bee Farming in Solomon Islands’ by Rex Ramolau and ‘A Guide to Growing Coconuts in Solomon Islands’ by K. Trewren & P.R. Linton.

Many animals are on display including ducks, chickens, goats, pigs and cows. Other entertainment includes instrumental acts and singing on the stage, and an art & craft market is located out the front along Mendana Avenue

If you haven’t already been, it’s worth visiting over the next couple of days. Whether agriculture is part of your livelihood or you are just curious to learn more, the Agriculture Show is an interesting outing.


The Kastom Gaden display


The Show has a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of displays to walk around


Beautiful plants are available to buy


Children were enjoying feeding the goats


Lots of information about biosecurity


Ministry of Health promoting healthy eating


The cows having a break


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