Grow the Mo for this year’s Movember! Reply

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There are a few of us here in Honiara keen to grow the Mo for this year’s Movember. At this stage, we are just spreading the word to determine who’s up for it.

YES, we will be striving to grow a supreme crop of fur on our top lips and

YES, we will be doing it to raise some money for a great cause (more details to come).

For anyone not so blessed by thick and luxurious facial hair, do not feel you have to sit on the sidelines. There are many styles you can aim for and we encourage even the most baby faced of blokes amongst us to join in for a laugh. Perhaps check out:

Upcoming Events

To kick off the month, we shall meet prior to 1st November for some manly ales and to discuss ‘The Rules’ and whether there is interest in an auctioning off of ‘Styling Rights’ – where you can purchase the privilege of choosing which moustache style you want to see on another Bro.

We will then proceed to catch up on a weekly basis throughout Movember to drink more ales and appreciate ‘growth to date’ of our Bro’s Mo’s.

To finish, there will be a large gathering of glorious Mo’s held Sunday afternoon 30th November to celebrate our masterpieces and review how much money we have raised.

An email account has been established for the duration and if you could respond, confirming you are in, we will add you to our contact list and keep you updated on dates/venues via Also, check out the SI Bro’s with Mo’s Facebook page.


Elliott Griffin and Beau Tydd

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