Honiara’s Korean Restaurant Reply


By Brendan Nerdal

(12/11/2015: The Korean Restaurant is currently closed)

Mi-Jung Kang, Head Chef and Manager of the Korean Restaurant at Pacific Casino Complex, brings k-pop in design and k-wow in taste to your authentic Korean cuisine experience.

The walls of the downstairs dining area dance with painted explanations like ‘You are the only heaven’s present of mine, My love, I love you’. The presentation of tables is excellent, the service attentive and the light fills the room splendidly both day and night.

On a dry night there is arguably no better place to eat for shear metropolitan feel than the rooftop dining area. As you nibble on some Kim Chi you could almost be in down town Seoul.


The outdoor dining is a treat but there is plenty of indoor seating as well.


The view of Honiara from the rooftop

The atmosphere is definitely family friendly, a great place for the kids, and they even have a wooden high-chair available. On the other hand, there is no doubt about just how wonderfully Korean food goes with beer, so if it is a party dinner you’re after, then this is the place!

If you’re really adventurous be sure to try C1, a popular brand of the traditional Korean Vodka ‘Soju’. You can either take it neat, but don’t fill your own glass it is bad luck, or mix it with beer into a ‘Poktanju’.

The Korean Pancake, or ‘Jeon’, is a must for an entree. Mix it with some Kim Chi, a traditional fermented cabbage with chili, and other selected pickled vegetables called ‘Banchan’ and it will be sufficient for up to four. ‘Gogigui’, or Korean BBQ is the quintessential main meal. It involves the cooking of beef or chicken on a small portable grill on your table. You can have the waitress do it, or you can do it yourself!

It is often missed by the foreign diner, but the hot pots and stews are classic Korean dishes. The Spicy Chicken is not to be missed, as isn’t the Kim Chi Soup. Your meal will be finished with a serve of beautifully presented fresh fruits.



The Korean Restaurant is open Monday to Saturday lunch 10.30am to 2.30pm and dinner 5.30pm to 10pm. To make reservations (which are rarely necessary because it has plenty of seating) call 24623.



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