The Mambo Tossed Salad – My Lifesaver! Reply


The Mambo Tossed Salad looking gorgeous

I love the idea of entertaining in my own home but when I start to think about cooking the meal, I feel a little faint. I’ve never been a big cook, and to be honest, even the thought of preparing a salad sends nervous tingles down my back.

And so you can imagine my utter joy when I discovered the super salad making service provided by Mambo Juice! Long gone are the days of me cautiously accepting invitations, wondering whether or not I’ll be able to convince my husband to prepare something for me to take. When hosting a BBQ or dinner myself, my guests now peruse my salad bowls with interest, not wearing the worried expressions I’ve often seen in the past.

I generally stop at Mambo Juice! on the way to an event or shortly before my guests will arrive for the meal. I take along my own empty bowl so my salad can at least pretend it came from my kitchen (Mambo Juice! does provide a take away container if you don’t bring your own bowl). It has generally only taken about ten-fifteen minutes for my salad to be ready to go, although I’m sure you could call up and order it in advance if you were really tight for time.

The Mambo Tossed Salad can include tomato, lettuce, pineapple, gherkins, capsicum, beetroot, sundried tomato, cucumber, cheese, croutons, and spring onion. You then add your selection of ham, tuna, chilli tuna, devon and egg or leave it vegetarian, and finish it off with toppings such as Peri Peri Seasoning, French Dressing, or Balsamic Vinaigrette just to name a few. All ingredients are of course subject to availability.

Prices for the Mambo Tossed Salad are $35 for the regular and $60 for a large (pictured). As well as looking great, the salad is delicious, with the freshness of the ingredients creating a flavour sensation.

Mambo Juice! is located on ‪Mendana Ave, Rove, on the corner of the Tasahe Road, Honiara. You can contact them on 28811.


Always service with a smile at Mambo Juice!


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