Places to Buy a Used Car in Honiara 4

Used cars being advertised  in front of the Lawson Tama Stadium

Used cars being advertised in front of Lawson Tama Stadium

Having a car in Honiara can be a great addition to your lifestyle. A car lets you get places quick (well, as quick as the heavy traffic will allow), takes you to places off the bus routes, and makes carrying your food shopping a breeze. If you’re not used to the heat of Solomon Islands, it also provides you with an air-conditioned bubble by which to travel in comfort. If you’re looking to buy a used car in Honiara there are a few places you can search for your dream vehicle. These are my Top 5 (in no particular order) but please feel free to leave a comment if you have other suggestions.

  • The car park in front of the Lawson Tama Stadium, opposite the National Referral Hospital
    Cars are left here during the day for you to inspect, with contact details (and often the price) on the front windscreen. The number of cars here fluctuates. I’ve seen up to twenty cars parked but also as few as three or four.
  • Solomon Carsales
    Solomon Carsales is a website which aims to bring sellers and buyers together to promote local secondhand cars. The service is provided free by Kosol Corporation Ltd, the distributor of Hyundai Motor Vehicles to Solomon Islands.
  • Café noticeboards 
    Many cafes around town have community notice boards where people can promote events, sell things, and advertise activities. Two that I regularly check are at Breakwater Café and the Lime Lounge.
  • Online from Japan
    Two websites that are popular for importing second hand cars are PicknBuy24 and Trust Japanese Vehicles. I bought my car from PicknBuy24 and found their service outstanding. The car was just how it was pictured/described on the website. Friends of mine have used Trust and have also had a positive experience. Remember to check import costs that relate to you and that the car may take up to six weeks to arrive.
  • Your networks
    If you’re in the market, try asking around your networks. Chat with your friends to see if anyone has a reliable car for sale. If you’re moving to Honiara for work, take a chance and email or call your new colleagues. Just like anywhere else in the world, people often check to see if their friends, family or work mates would like the car before advertising it in other ways.


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