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Girls 4 Girls

There are numerous items that many of us take for granted and brassieres can be one of them. Without the right bra, life can be extremely uncomfortable for many women. When conditions are hot and humid, women can suffer from chaffing and blisters that can lead to infection. By receiving this simple item, posture and health can be improved, backache reduced and dignity restored.

Girls 4 Girls was established last year to help increase the access of women to these items across Solomon Islands. The group collects bras to distribute mainly to the provinces, where women don’t have ready access to purchasing cotton or cotton blend bras.

So far, they have been handed out in Isabel, Ghizo, Visale, Auki & Lausiana in Malaita, Marau, Henderson, Lungga, and Point Cruz on Guadalcanal. A big thank you to Australian volunteer Catherine who visited many remote villages to distribute bras and teach women how to do breast self-examinations on a two week trip to remote villages in Isabel.

Those in the distribution team have highlighted the appreciation and kindness shown to them by those who have received the bras. A Girls 4 Girls volunteer commented about the value she has seen in the project, ‘It’s been a great experience for us to bring these bras out to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to them. I feel very blessed to have been welcomed so warmly by so many women in Solomon Islands.’

Cotton blend bras are the type most suitable for donating in the tropics, as the non-breathing nylon ones often lead to more problems than they solve. Sturdy clasps are also needed to allow women to take them on and off easily, and are a good indication of a longer lifespan.

One group of people who have been a great source of such items has been expats, who are sometimes looking to down size their personal belongings before they return home. With extra bras or towels in the cupboard, being able to recycle these items has created a win, win situation.

If you are interested in supporting Girls 4 Girls, then please send an email to Women who are visiting outlying islands, and who are interested in distributing bras are encouraged to get in contact. This is a great cause, one that makes a big difference to the everyday lives of women in Solomon Islands.

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