In Search of Honiara’s Best Burger Part 1 – Lime Lounge Reply

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.53.17 am

By James Cooper

On offer at Lime Lounge are four different burgers, beef, crumbed chicken, grilled chicken and the fish burger. Unfortunately, I could not try every burger however, I did manage to sample the crumbed chicken burger, and fish burger.

The burgers looked fresh, filling and yummy. They also smelt heavenly to my empty stomach. The service was also very quick which since I was so hungry was a big bonus!

The best part of the burger was definitely the crumbed chicken and the crumbed fish. In both burgers there were very large pieces, and both were succulent and very tasty. The burgers were accompanied by lettuce, tomatoes and raw onions. The raw onion was great (better than cooked ones) and made the burger taste crisp and fresh. The chicken burger had BBQ sauce and the fish tartar sauce. The only criticism I had of the burger, were the buns. The buns were a bit heavy and tended to be crumbly.

The chips were nearly perfect, crispy, well-seasoned and had a nice rustic look. Also quick tip from our dear departed Kenneth, ask for mayonnaise and tabasco sauce then mix the two together, this goes incredible well with the chips as a dipping sauce.

A second tip, the thick shakes at Lime Lounge are pretty amazing, nice and thick. They clearly used lots of ice cream, which I appreciated a lot.

Overall it was a hearty meal! I definitely was not going to need dinner (especially after the thickshake…), although I would probably make an exception if I could have another burger with another thickshake.


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