Pineapple Express! GOMA, Brisbane Reply


If you’re transiting through Brisbane on your way to or from Solomon Islands, then perhaps visit the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) to see Harvest.

Harvest is a celebration of food in art, and includes 150 works from the Gallery’s collection. Harvest considers how globalization makes food available from around the world, the impact of this on communities and the roles of people involved in food production. The exhibition also examines how food is often used as a symbol of prestige.

As part of the Harvest exhibition, you will find a display entitled Fallen Fruit of Brisbane: Pineapple Express! This display includes a large-scale cabinet of pineapple-related items and paraphernalia featuring objects from local members of the public.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Harvest. I hadn’t intended to visit the exhibition but after seeing so many pineapple items in one spot, I was hooked and wanted to see more. Pineapples are such a bountiful item in Solomon Islands. I see them every day at the many markets around Honiara so coming upon an exhibition of them was quite exciting. It was interesting to see how people had incorporated this everyday fruit into both artistic and practical items.

I also liked how Harvest used a variety of media to convey messages. The 2009 work Flooded McDonalds by Superflex depicted…yes, you guessed it… a McDonalds store flooding. You can have a look at an extract of the video here. The piece is a comment on our fascination with watching natural disasters on television and how the media often portrays these events to maximum effect. The exhibition also includes a life-size Chinese supermarket which you can walk through and consider what you would purchase if the shop was real.

Harvest is a free exhibition and runs to 21 September 2014.






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