Gatekeepers from 8 Communities around Honiara Reply

2014-08-15 15.52.24

On Friday 15th August Homes Of Peace and Empowerment invited Gatekeepers from 10 different communities to attend a training session. 16 Gatekeepers from 8 different communities attended and received training on the role of Gatekeepers in their communities and what are the weaknesses that encourage the exploitation of children. Men, women and youth attended and gave feedback on different issues for children in their communities.

Homes Of Peace and Empowerment is a new organization wanting to work with communities to help protect the children (Under 18 year olds) from abuse and exploitation. We want to work with active stakeholders to bring Peace into all homes and Empower children to break free from abuse and being used for money or goods. Homes of Hope in Fiji is a sister organization who have agreed to journey with us and recently 2 of their workers (Sosaia and Eroni) visited for 3 weeks. They are offering Primary and Secondary schools 2 curriculums called ThumbsUp and Bravehearts, to help educate around personal safety and healthy sexuality.

Phone Helen 7723934 or Betty 7482541 or email


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