Private Midwife Reply

Most women would like to get to know and trust their midwife during their pregnancy and have her care for them in their labour and birth. This is a very important event in the family so needs to be planned carefully and we encourage the whole family to be involved.

We do free pregnancy tests and soon plan to do PAP smears. We have Antenatal clinics every Monday and Wednesday at our room, 205, Hyundai Mall.

We will come with you to NRH or your home when you are in labour and birth, and then visit your home to check you and baby for 6 weeks after. We check breastfeeding is going well and that baby is well and growing.

We encourage you to fully breastfeed for 6 months with no additives which is recommended by WHO. It is tempting to add extra before 6 months, but baby’s system is not ready for it and needs the antibodies from breast milk to fight infection. There seems to be a trend that women don’t trust their bodies and think they don’t have enough milk so we encourage them to trust their bodies more and not use other types of milk, unless there is a medical reason to do this.

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