Kokonut Pacific Reply


Kokonut Pacific’s new ‘Man Bar’, body soap for men. A great gift idea!

Kokonut Pacific is a local business and micro industry in the Solomons started by an enterprising missionary. It is based on an end to end micro business principle where Kokonut Pacific imports the basic enviro friendly coconut presses, then helps rural families establish their own business. The press and associated equipment and know how is transported to all sorts of remote places and installed, training the new owners what they need to do to produce organically certified export quality Virgin Coconut oil.

A village unit can produce up to a tonne a month, it is transported back to Honiara where it is tested to meet international stds. It is then exported to Australia and subsequently to Europe and North America markets. Some is also kept for the local market and some used to make other products like soap and fragranced oil.

The business is expanding and currently cannot meet the international demand. The business is about growing capacity at all levels. Morgan has just come back from a year in NZ studying business. Kokonut Pacific has outgrown its premises at Point Cruz and is building out at Lunga. It is currently all go.

You can call Kokonut Pacific on +677 28026. Make sure to ‘like’ their new Facebook Page where these great photos came from.



 Editor Note:

Local Kokonut Pacific retailers in Honiara City

1. Nicky’s
2. Mendana Gift Shop (Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel)
3. Point Cruz Chemist (also Panatina Chemist)
4. Pasifiki Services Ltd (Hyundai Mall)
5. Bulk Shop (also other Bulkshop outlets)
6. Lime Lounge, Honiara.
7. DJ Graphics
8. LE Pharmacy (Chinatown)
9. Junli (Chinatown)
10. Wings Mini Mart (Chinatown)
11. KK Mart (Chinatown)
12. NQH (Chinatown)
13. Meatlovers
14. Daily Mart (Kukum)
15. AY Shop (Kwaimani Building)
16. Deli in the Plaza (Panatina Plaza)
17. Panatina Valley Co’op
18. Sunflower Store (Ranadi)
19. Le Pac (KG)
20. TT Mart (Crossroad)
21. King Sol Dutyfree (Henderson International Airport)

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