Key Cutting in Honiara Reply

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 10.23.18 pm

After loosing my spare car key earlier this year, and then loosing the two car keys that I subsequently got cut in Brisbane, I went on a search to get one made in Honiara. Even though I had been in Honiara for a year, I hadn’t had a key cut here before!

Discussing this with a few friends, one suggested Lee Kwok Kuen & Co. This business is located in Point Cruz, Honiara, down the small road that is (nearly) opposite AusMart.


It cost me $35 to get my key cut and the service took only a few minutes. It’s important to note that my original car key was quite old and so didn’t have an electronic ‘chip’ in it. If you have a fancy key, it may be a different story.

I was very impressed by how the staff came out and checked that the key worked in my car door properly to ensure that the right key was chosen. It’s a sturdy key which I feel will last a long time, unlike some of the flimsy brightly coloured ones that I’ve tended to buy in Australia because they are pretty.

I’m happy to recommend this business to other people and will be heading back there for more key cutting in the future.

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