Nugu Beach Resort 2

2014 MAR-SI-Nugu Relax (11)

Relaxing at Nugu Beach Resort

By Fiona Stanley

Nugu is a gorgeous place in the Florida Islands which is located up to two hours by boat away from Honiara.

It is a lovely place to get away from it all and you can either stay a few days or just go for a day trip.

There are four reasonably priced leaf hut bungalows that can sleep up to 3 adults. They are simple and clean with mosquito nets.  The fan works until the generator stops but if that is a real problem you can negotiate with the staff for the fan to stay on longer. 

The friendly staff will prepare lunch on your day trip and they are flexible if you are staying. This means you can take your own food and use their kitchen to prepare basic meals.  We choose to do our own thing during the day but always have a delicious 2-3 course evening meal to support the locals.

For those that like to keep busy there is snorkelling, kayaking, swing rope and a pleasant non-invasive village walk with staka pigs where you can attend church on Sunday mornings if you desire.

Nugu is located about a 40min banana boat ride to Maravagi for better snorkelling, diving & manta ray chasing.

But… is great to return to the sandy beach and lie in a hammock or lounge around in the beautifully clear water with the drink of your choice.

Don’t forget to pack the mosquito repellent and sunscreen then wind down and enjoy….. .

For information and bookings, contact Nugu Resort on 747 7657

2014 MAR-SI-Nugu (4)

2014 JUN-SI-Nugu (14)

2014 JUL-SI-Nugu (20)

2014 MAR-SI-Nugu-Village Walk (18)

Along the water on the village walk

2014 MAR-SI-Nugu-Village Walk (23)

Pigs on the village walk



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