New Arts and Cultural Hub for Honiara – Opening August! Reply


A new, community hub promoting arts and culture is being established in Honiara. Called Art Haus, it will open in August and support creative expression, artists and crafts people as well as emerging creative businesses.

An initiative of the Solomon Islands Arts Alliance, Art Haus will create a space for people from all backgrounds to learn, share and celebrate arts and culture in the Solomon Islands.

It will operate from Wednesday to Saturday every week inside the Solomon Islands National Museum and Art Gallery Area in Point Cruz, Honiara and will run arts and cultural activities of all types for all age groups at a small cost to the public.

Arts Alliance spokesperson says: ‘The project presents a new way to build community and create jobs. It is different from other projects in that it runs as a non- profit business. Rather than relying on donors for support, it generates its core income from the activities it coordinates and creates employment in the process. Any profits are made will be directed back into project activities, such as art supplies or scholarships.’

Art Haus is directed by a diverse volunteer Advisory Committee made up of Government, NGO and peak body representatives including Alisa Vavataga, Qila Tuhanuku, Tony Heorake, Grace Hilly, Regina Gatu, Adilah Dolaiano, Placid Walekwate, Julian Maka’a, Dennis Marita and Kathleen Kohata. The project is in partnership with the Solomon Islands National Museum and People with Projects Australia. Art Haus will be coordinated on a daily basis by two Community Producers who will be announced shortly.

The August program will be launched in mid July and programs are cheaper if participants book and pay in advance. Activities will vary in cost, length and genre and will be run by Solomon Islander and international arts and crafts people.

The Art Haus Facebook page is the best contact point for information and project coordinators encourage everyone express viewpoints on this new project.

The team is always looking for Creative Trainers. These are people with a creative skill they would like to share or a cultural or arts project idea they would like to develop. These are paid positions. Art Haus is also seeking two more young people to join the Advisory Committee to represent the views of young people in Honiara. Email for more information on these positions.



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