Honiara Hash House Harriers Reply


(Photo: Jamie Rabbits)

By Lynn Tebbutt

Hash is held every Monday commencing at 5.15pm.  You can walk or run depending on your level of fitness (and tolerance for the heat).  The Hash trail is set by different ‘hares’ each week and the assembly point is advertised on a Monday at the Lime Lounge, Commonwealth Street.  HHHH also have a Facebook page and can be found on Google Groups.

Hash is a great way to explore the villages and settlements that are located in the valleys and hills behind Honiara township.  Walking through these villages at dinnertime gives you an up close and personal interaction with the locals – babies being bathed, meals prepared over open fires, pigs shuffling in their pens, excited children giggling and waving as we pass.

A walking stick or pole is helpful to negotiate the steeper sections and its better to use your second best pair of running/walking shoes as at times we traverse streams and muddy pathways.  Of course you need the obligatory bottle of water to prevent dehydration. A liberal application of mosquito repellant and sunblock is essential.  If you do not have your own vehicle, transport can be arranged to and from the assembly point.
If you are growing bored with the trek between Honiara’s cafes and are looking for something a bit different, then I can thoroughly recommend this as a fun way to see the real Honiara and to meet the welcoming bunch of runners and walkers who belong to this group.


Hash contacts:





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