Kastom Gaden Association at the Trade Show Reply


The Kastom Gaden Association (KGA) has a large display area at the Trade Show and is making use of the space with informative agricultural displays and demonstrations. There are helpful staff on hand to provide advice and for those after seeds and seedlings, there are plenty available to purchase.

KGA is encouraging and assisting fellow Solomon Islanders to grow their own food, both to sell to others and also to feed their families. The association is well known across Solomon Islands for providing training in farming techniques, helping to improve the amount of quality food grown in rural areas, and for helping to create jobs.

The goal of the association is to strengthen village-based food security in Solomon Islands using participatory, practical, grass-roots approaches that enable village people to examine, understand and develop their own solutions to improving household food security and village-based agriculture economy. I was informed at the Trade Show that KGA has also been helping to re-establish people’s gardens that were destroyed during the April 2014 floods.

If you can’t make it to the Trade Show (located at the show grounds by the Mataniko River), have a look at the KGA website www.kastomgaden.org. On the website you will find a large range of online resources, such as agricultural manuals on topics including pig farming, agroforestry, food technologies, and community seed saving. If you need further information, you can email KGA at kastomgaden@kastomgaden.org or call 39551.









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