Solomon Islands High School Choral Festival Reply

By Jeanette Johnson

I read about the school students meeting at the Art Gallery to practise singing with Igelese Ete from New Zealand. I was impressed so decided to go and listen to them practise on Monday, then Tuesday, missed Wednesday but I was back on Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

These students have been so diligent to come to all the rehearsals, learn all the words and actions and participate with enthusiasm, fun and team spirit. I would encourage any one who wishes to feel motivated and captivated by these vibrant young people to go to their concerts at the National Auditorium at the Museum, on Tuesday 8th July, Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th at 7pm.

The tickets can be bought at the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce at Hyundai Mall or contact one these numbers 7581128, 7785988 and 7881799.

They are on Facebook under ‘Solomon Islands High School Choral Festival’, if you would like to see photos and more information.


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