Counselling in Honiara 1

Today 9 young women graduated with certificates after attending 15 hours of basic counselling training. This is in preparation for volunteering at Seif Ples, a new 24 hour clinic for victims of abuse/violence at Rove.

Counselling training is available for others too. So far it has benefitted HR managers, parents, Social workers, Police, Nurses, Youth workers, Teachers and more, including a 3 day workshop at Gizo. The training is teaching us how to make our mind our friend because it is often not helping or encouraging us. Contact Helen Ferguson (Pollard) to enquire about training.


Helen is a trained counsellor from New Zealand who is also available for one to one counselling for anyone having problems like anxiety, depression, grief, anger problems, addictions, trauma/abuse, relationship/parenting problems. This is confidential and professional. Enquire with Helen regarding costs on 7723934 or Some businesses may pay for you to have 3 free sessions with ‘Life Care Counselling’.



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  1. As a professional psychologist, with over 20 years’ connection to Solomon Islands, it worries me that many people with as little as 10 or 20 hours training in listening and similar skills think they are qualified counsellors. A minimum of 100 hours training is needed, with on-going professional supervision.

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