Aerobics at St John’s School 2


Getting sweaty!

When: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.30 – 7pm

Where: St John’s School (Rove, along Honiara’s main stretch. The hall is large and open air so it is easy to spot. Parking is just outside, along the road)

Cost: $5

Getting fit is so important for your health and your happiness levels. For too long now I have been using the tropical heat as an excuse to avoid a workout, but no more! I recently started searching for some exercise classes to keep me active in Honiara, with aerobics being the first activity on my checklist. You may think that aerobics is an intense way to start this fitness journey, and it certainly could be, but the session at St John’s is a ‘go at your own pace’ experience.

The turn out was larger than I expected, perhaps around 30 enthusiastic men and women. The front rows were busy with coordinated, fit individuals, clearly capable of following the instructor’s twists and turns with perfection. The back row, where I decided to position myself, had a few other newbies just like me.

I jumped and kicked and tapped my toes in ways that slightly mirrored the front rows, but could also have been considered interpretive dance. My body loosened up and I felt so free with the movements, like a child letting loose in a playground. The atmosphere was friendly and not once did I feel embarrassed about my lack of experience. In fact, I felt excited and empowered just being there, listening to the dance music and making an effort.

The class is scheduled to run for 90 minutes but I noticed that it was acceptable to come a little bit late or leave a little early if you have a place to be. The last 30 minutes was work on the ground, so it’s a good idea to bring a yoga or woven mat to cushion yourself on the concrete floor. Other things to bring are a water bottle and a towel to wipe the sweat off your face.

At a cost of $5 this class is excellent value. The money (collected at the half way point) is donated to St John’s School. The funds are currently being directed towards fixing the school’s foot bridge which was damaged in the April 2014 flooding.

I would recommend this aerobics class to both beginners and those looking for a serious workout. It left me smiling for days so I will definitely be returning for more.


An enthusiastic exerciser about to start the class


  1. How can we contact you? any mobile contact number, we need similar exercise here at GPPOL 2, Tetere as well.

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