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June update by Job Vulita and Rowan Fajerman

Another busy month for SIAFLF with stacks of school clinics, exhibition matches in senior footy, more community services from AFL players and a primary school competition.

Remember to contact SIAFLF if you have any questions or are interested in getting involved and supporting the organisation.

Solkick & Junior Development 

During term two, SIAFLF has been targeting schools located in East Honiara and working with students from form 1 to form 4. Staff were hopeful to host a Secondary Schools Competition for boys and girls but due to disruptions in the Honiara’s East, up-coming exams and holidays, SIAFLF will be looking to host the comp during term 3.

School updates –

KG – around 40 boys and 40 girls from form 1 and 2 have been participating in AFL clinics. Skills are coming along and interest is increasing. P.E teacher Mr. Paul Ratu has been very supportive of AFL this term.

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Perch – Very supportive teachers at Perch, enthusiastic about AFL and very encouraging of their students to try new things. Boys and girls from grade 5 through to form 2 have been participating in clinics each week.

Lunga – The opening clinic at Lunga earlier in the term was a success with strong participation from boys and girls from form 3 and 4. Unfortunately, there have been disruptions to clinics and Lunga’s sports program. Lunga has a great sporting field and SIAFLF will aim to re-establish clinics at the school next term.

Burns Creek – Similar to Lunga; excellent space and field but disruptions to the sports program has made weekly AFL clinics difficult. SIAFLF has conducted two clinics at Burns Creek with around 20 – 30 secondary school boys participating.

Woodford –15 boys from Mr. Duncan Smith’s P.E. elective classes have enjoyed learning the skills and rules of AFL. Students are looking forward to testing out their skills in the upcoming Secondary Competition.

St Josephs – SIAFLF has been working with Tenaru since term 1. Generally, around 20 boys participate in clinics but, during the last week of May we had over 40!

Kukum SDA Vs St Nicholas

On Wednesday 14th, Kukum SDA School hosted an AFL competition with grade 5 and 6 students from St Nicholas. The competition was originally scheduled for early April but due to continuous rain was postponed. The competition aimed at promoting the sport of AFL as well as promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

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Members of Solomon Island’s Ministry of Health attended the competition and conducted health education sessions for students. Two AFL matches were played (girls grade 5 & 6 and boy’s grade 5 & 6) with prizes being awarded to competing teams and individual players.

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There were also individual events and activities for students to take part in, including: 50m sprint, juggling competition and a handball competition. SIAFLF donated two junior footballs to each school so students can continue developing their skills in AFL as well as maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

SIAFLF will continue to focus on fun, learning and development. Next term, SIAFLF will invite both schools to participate in the Secondary Competition. Thanks to the senior players who assisted on the day.

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Senior Footy

Gala Day

On Saturday May 3rd, Solomon Islands AFL Federation hosted an AFL Gala Day at KG Field including AFL matches, mini competitions, health awareness sessions and a barbeque. Teams competed in a series of mini AFL matches in a round robin format. Each team played one another for 15minutes. The team with the highest accumulative score would be declared the winner. The White River Demons combined with the China Town Magpies for the competition and proved to be a dominant force. They won all their games comfortably. Eagles made a late charge in their final game but fell short by one goal to the Demons/Magpies total score.

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Other individual competitions were also available, including: goal kicking competition, 100m sprint, handballing competition and a soccer style juggling competition with an AFL ball. Each team nominated one player to compete in each activity.

Goal Kicking – Rosco Maeloboa – Central Coast Eagles

100m – Lavensta Puia – White River Demons Handball Target – Brian Alu – Central Coast Eagles

Footy Juggling – Fa’a – White River Demons

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SIAFLF is also working with Solomon Islands Ministry of Health promotion team to provide health education and awareness sessions for participants. Clement from Ministry of Health provided a small health awareness session focusing on dengue prevention and identification. Teams and players came together to enjoy a barbeque at the end of the day.

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All Stars Match

With more interruptions to the senior competition and the Big Meat Pie just around the corner, SIAFLF hosted an All Stars Match. This set the stage for the best of the best to demonstrate their skills against one another. The top players from each team were selected and combined to make two sides.

Unfortunately, not all of the selected players were able to attend on the day. None the less, there were more than enough players to fill those spots. The match provided good opportunity for those wanting to represent the national squad in the Big Meat Pie competition to earn their spots. James Rukia was one of the stand outs.

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Good News – Sharks Clean Nets 

For all the cricket enthusiasts out there, you’ll be pleased to know that the KG Field cricket nets are available for use. Junior Sharks AFL players banded together to clean up the overgrown cricket nets.

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SIAFLF and Solomon Islands Cricket Association share a common goal – to give all Solomon Islanders opportunities to participate in physical activity. The two organisations will continue to work together and support one another in promoting healthy and active lifestyles. For those of you interested in cricket or would like to find out more, contact Cricket Development Office – David Holo.

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Coolaroo Update 

Reports from Coolaroo are that Francis and Peter are beginning to improve their skills and understanding of the game. They are adapting well and continuing to improve. The last day of May was a stand-out match for both Coolaroo FC and Peter and Francis. Coolaroo downed Lockyer Valley by a whopping 251 points. Peter contributed on the scoreboard with 4 goals and Francis with 3. Both boys were named in Coolaroo’s best players.

Goal Kickers: A. Green 6, K. Hartfiel 5, P. Nuku 4, F. Ramo 3, B. Janetzki 3, M. Casey 3, P. Dreise 3, C. Sankey 3, L. Mason 3, J. Bennett 2, M. Langton 2, C. Bellert 2, G. Addison , D. Cooper , B. Sercombe

Best Players: L. Mason, P. Nuku, F. Ramo, K. Hartfiel, J. Bennett, A. Green

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That’s all from SIAFLF, we’ll see you…… Around the Boundary!

Rowan Fajerman
 AFL Development Officer
, Email: Ph. +677 7788455

Job Vulita
 AFL Development Officer, 
Email: Ph. +677 7444878



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