Maravagi Photos 2

DSC03163 By Jackie Eager

Following the details of an earlier Pineapple Post review, I organised a two-night trip over the recent long weekend to Maravagi Resort. As a super keen snorkeller I felt completely spoilt by the amazing fish and coral to be found directly in front of the accommodation. Without a doubt, this was the best snorkelling I’ve had in Solomon Islands or anywhere else in the world for that matter!

DSC03173 There were more fish here than I could possibly have imagined! DSC03157 DSC03169 The coral and plants were all different sizes and shapes. DSC03195 The schools of fish were magical. I was staring at one school that suddenly separated in the middle and formed a giant love heart (a truly beyond ‘wow’ experience). DSC03202   DSC03176 There were many things that we had never seen before. DSC03186 DSC03227 DSC03209 At Maravagi Resort we stayed in a little house on stilts that had a double bed, single bed, table, toilet and shower. There was a fan, although we didn’t need to use it, and mosquito nets above the beds. After reading reviews on Trip Advisor, it is clear to see that some people get disappointed due to the use of the word ‘Resort’. So let me be very clear: the accommodation is basic. If you like camping, then you will enjoy yourself. On the other hand, if you’re expecting the Heritage Park Hotel, then you will be let down. The rooms have everything you need and are very clean. IMG_4724 IMG_4716  IMG_4719

We ate and played cards in the large communal area (below). Food costs were breakfast $80, lunch approx $100 and around $150 for dinners so pack your wallet. You’re allowed to bring your own food though and use the kitchen to cook which I thought was really lovely. I would recommend this for some meals, or at least to bring some special snacks, mainly to avoid the sadness we felt when the coffee ran out.

IMG_4736 We got to Maravagi on a banana boat. To be honest, this really hurt my backside. If you are not used to banana boat travel then my advice is to take a piece of foam to soften the smashing. If you have your own life jacket then take it too, for safety as well as seating. IMG_4830 Overall, we had a brilliant time and will be back for a night or two when we have visitors. The beach and the snorkelling were amazing – well worth it!


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