Buying a SIM in Honiara Reply


Photo: Irita Kirsbluma

Are you trying to get a mobile SIM in Honiara? Here is one way. Joy Hughes, who arrived in Solomon Islands this week, bought a Telekom SIM and then wrote up these handy notes about her experience to share with others. It only took her ten minutes to get her phone up and running! Thanks Joy for passing along the following:

3 Easy Steps to Buying a SIM

  1. Go to Telekom Building directly across the road from Heritage Park Hotel.
  2. Go to the cashier directly in front of the front door and ask for a SIM. Cost is $20 (Solomons). This includes $20 credit which can be topped up as required, so it is basically free for the SIM.
  3. Take the receipt to one of the people sitting in the cubicles to the right of the cashier counter. They will give you a SIM.

That’s it!

Put the SIM into your phone, call 121 and you have a SI mobile number.

If you’re an expat, I  suggest bringing an old phone from home to get started. A SIM for an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy has to be cut by Telekom. I didn’t ask how long this takes, I was too excited about this being the fastest thing that had happened to me in Honiara as far as communications go. Make that the second fastest –  I managed to get my partner to freak out in less than 1 minute when I knocked his beer off the table during a business function tonight!



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