Rotary Welcomes New Babies Reply


Leanne from the International Tea Group and Tupou from the Rotary Club Of Honiara handing over the packs to a Sister at Good Samaritan Hospital

A newborn baby is a celebration for everyone in a family, and Rotary are joining in these cheers by a donation of newborn packs at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Tetare, Guadalcanal.  These packs, designed to make life a little cosier for the bubs, included a tote bag filled with things a newborn may need, such as beanies, blankets, sheets, bibs, booties, little outfits and of course soft toys.

Staff at the Good Samaritan Hospital were quite excited by the prospect of handing the packs out to new mothers who may need some of these basics. About three babies are born per week at the Good Samaritan. The hospital, which may be considered small, treats adults and children as well as offering maternity care.

Many of these babies attend the hospital’s baby clinic which takes place each Wednesday. Members of the International Tea Group assist at the clinic by weighing the little ones and also counting medication for the resident pharmacist.

The donations were organised by The Rotary Club Of Honiara in conjunction with donations in kind. The Rotary Club Of Honiara meets at the Flemingo – Honiara Hotel every Tuesday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm and all are invited to attend the weekly meetings and be part of the family in building up our beloved Solomon Islands in times like these. Contact details : Tupou Halofaki, Mobile#7494807.


A newborn baby wrapped up in goodies from one of the newborn packs


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