Trying to Drive between Honiara and Visale? Reply

Last Major Bridge before Visale

The last major bridge before Visale (above)

The trip between Honiara and Visale has become quite a journey after many of the bridges were washed away in the recent flooding. Tony Bransby has kindly provided The Pineapple Post with some details for those who are thinking of making the trip and would like to have some information before they set out.

Tony did the drive himself on the weekend, just to see how far he could get and took his camera along for the ride. He reported that the only bridges still standing are the two large Japanese bridges and the largest major one after Turtle Beach.

With the lack of official bridges available, people are now being charged for makeshift crossings and also to be let through where trees have fallen across the road.

Tony’s total bill for the one way trip to Visale was $360. This included $20 at Kakambona Beach, $50 for a tree over the road and many other tolls varing between $20 and $50. The major expense came at the last big bridge before Visale where he was charged $200 to pass. Tony commented that there are a large number of people waiting for transport along the bus route from Honiara to Visale.  Many of these people have been waiting hours and will take the chance to flag you down for a lift through the tolls and to their next stop uninterrupted. This is especially the case at the Kakambona River pass.

Remember, if you’re going to do this drive make sure not to do it in a storm, or when a storm is coming. There are many creek crossings and river beds that may get dangerous in heavy rain. Also check when high and low tides are, the Kakambona River pass is close to the river/ocean mouth. Thanks again Tony for sharing this information and the photos below.


Turtle Beach Bridge
Turtle Beach bridge (above)
Kokumbona Beach
Kakambona Beach (above)
Just Hanging out at the $200 Toll
People hanging out at the $200 toll (above)





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