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Anyone else love a good read?

I’ve been on a hunt for books recently and have found two book exchanges in Honiara that seem to be well stocked. The first one, pictured above, was found at the Bamboo Cafe, next to the King Solomon Hotel. As you walk in the door, it’s located on the right hand side in a bamboo bookcase. The second one I saw was at the Lime Lounge, on a small table near the couches. If you are feeling like you’re in a purchasing mood, above the book exchange there are also many great Solomon Island related books for sale.

Content is continually changing but, when I visited, I found that both exchanges had a variety of genres, both fiction and non-fiction. There were biographies, some chick lit (Eat, Pray, Love was quickly snapped up) and a few reference books.

As with any book exchange, the deal is that you leave one book for everyone you take. While it may be tempting to take a winner and leave some obscure title such as A History of Corkboards in the 18th Century, community book exchanges work best when everyone is thinking of the next person: when a sense of community is strong. I also like it when I pick up a book and the last person to have read it, has left a kind note inside!  This has happened to me a few times now and it really adds to the experience.

Please email if you have seen any other book exchanges anywhere in Solomon Islands and I’ll add them to this post:


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