Solomon Islands Internet Radio Reply


By Jackie Eager

I like to meet people at the airport. Standing in the check-in line, no one has anywhere to go so it’s a perfect place to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. As they too are keen to get their boarding pass, they’re kind of obligated to chat back and be my friend, at least until they’re number one or two in the queue!

It’s in this way that I got to meet Jimi Nare recently, as I started my journey back to Australia. Jimi, who grew up in Solomon Islands, was on his way home to Bacchus Marsh, Victoria where he now lives with his wife and daughters. One of the many activities that keeps Jimi busy in Australia is his radio show at the local community station for the Bacchus Marsh and the Moorabool area, Apple 98.5FM.

Be has a weekly slot on Saturday afternoons (12-4pm) called Reggae in the Marsh where he features music by Solomon Islanders. He also encourages people to call up and ask any question they may have about Solomon Islands. How super! Sometimes it’s hard to find the exact info you’re after so I was excited to hear of someone as friendly and chirpy as Jimi who is there to help out.

Now, if you’re thinking that it’s unlikely that your radio will pick up the station in Honiara, or anywhere outside of Bacchus Marsh for that matter, there is no need to fret. Jimi’s show can be listened to live online at If he is away on holidays (as he was when we chatted) he organises re-runs of previous shows so the Solomon Islands music continues to be spread throughout the airwaves.

I was also fascinated to learn that Jimi is an artist and has pieces in the Solomon Islands embassy in Canberra. His work is a thoughtful mix the modern and the traditional. He’s provided me with some photos so I will write more about this soon.


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