Doug and Noddies Reply

By Leigh Pirie

Location: Opposite Fantastic Shopping Centre, next to Brilliant World movie centre

Doug and Noddies café is a step back in time, really. It feels like a slice of 1970’s small town Australia on the Honiara highway. Their current advertising campaign revolves around “A real Aussie hamburger with lettuce, tomato and beetroot”. When I visited I was the only person in the café which meant that the service was quick and I could read my paper in peace. The waiter was well mannered and attentive and brought over a lovely paper doily for my tomato sauce, salt and pepper to reside on at my table.

The hamburger with bacon was very tasty. While the patty was a little bit small for the bun, it was nice to have an authentic hamburger with beetroot and a tasty sauce. I didn’t try the coffee, but the owner assured me that the coffee beans were amongst the best! While definitely not the flashest café in town, it was a quick and easy place to stop and get a bite to eat.


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