Honiara Flooding Reply


Flooding has caused devastation across Honiara over the past few days. Over 10,000 people are said to have had their homes affected, and there are reports of approximately ten people killed and many more missing.

The flooding came up quickly on Thursday late afternoon. Roads were turned into rivers, stranding many across town and those on the Matanikau River had little time to evacuate before it burst its banks. China Town has been one of the most badly hit areas, with the old bridge completely washed away and houses taken by the river. There are also reports of looting.

The following photos were taken on Saturday morning, once the waters had receded somewhat. Please visit UNICEF if you are able to provide some much needed funds.

For updates check out Sam Bolitho on Twitter  and Figi (Solomon Islands) list on Twitter 


People standing where the bridge used to be:


Large trees were knocked down by the winds:


There is a big clean up ahead:


The school bridge broken and flooded:


Many cars have sunk into the mud:


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