Honiara Flooding: Helping Out Reply


Thankfully the rain has started to ease across Honiara. While there is always a chance that the weather may return, for the moment, there is a little respite for the clean up to begin.

For those in Honiara looking to contribute goods to the relief effort, the Forum Solomon Islands is collecting donations at the 360 Degrees office, just down from the Lime Lounge. They are after the basics: food, water, sanitary goods and clothes. If you are interested in volunteering at the evacuation center, then meet at Save The Children at 10am (Sunday 6th). The Red Cross is also coordinating from the Honiara Hotel.

The following photos were taken by Tony Bransby on Thursday and Friday.  He has kindly let me share them here. I found them quite moving and hopefully they inspire people to dig deep and send a donation through UNICEF. P1000890

P1000851 P1000987 P1000926 P1000967 P1000901 P1010061 P1010049 P1000846 P1010042


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