ITG Donates to Mercy School 1

By Jackie Eager

The International Tea Group (ITG) has made a welcomed donation of school supplies to the Mercy School in Burns Creek. The supplies included educational posters, paper, crayons, toys for the early childhood room and over 70 reading books.

The Mercy School was independently created by a local Solomon Islander, Bev Komasi, to service the needs of largely Malaitan people who had settled in the Burns Creek settlement of Honiara. Approximately 700 children are educated at Mercy School, which consists of six classrooms.

ITG member Leigh, is pictured below handing over the resources to Salome, the school’s Deputy Head Teacher. Salome was most grateful for the donations and the interest of ITG in supporting education. The Head of School, Simon Rilaua, wrote that ‘The School expressed their gratitude for women who give their support and have concern to the wellbeing of the children of Mercy primary school’.


Despite being school holidays, a number of children launched straight into reading the new books.


The posters were especially appreciated as the older, handmade ones were well-worn by the weather. The new laminated posters will hopefully stand up better to the elements.

IMG_3722 (1)


ITG meet weekly on Thursdays, 10am at different venues around Honiara. The group is mostly expat partners of people who are working. It’s a great place to make friends and find out what’s going on around town. ITG do charity projects (such as this one) and its members are involved in many activities around Solomon Islands. Contact Judy at



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