Art in the Park Reply


Art in the Park is an art and craft market held in the children’s park opposite Rove, on the last Sunday of each month. I recently visited the market and had a really enjoyable time walking around, looking at all the different things people were selling.

There was a variety of items on offer such as woven handbags and baskets, wooden bowls and ornaments, jewelry, and paintings. The items were all of a very high standard and also quite reasonably priced. I ended up buying a basket (pictured below) for $200 and a wooden carving of a squid with little shell eyes for $50. The carving will sit nicely on my desk, holding my papers down and stopping the fan from blowing them away.

The atmosphere of the market was relaxed and with both purchases, I had a lovely chat with the seller and they kindly let me take some photos. While not a huge market (I spent about 30 minutes there), Art in the Park is a nice place to see some of the creative talent on offer in Solomon Islands. If you’re a visitor, it’s also a great place to get some souvenirs of your trip.

P1010248   P1010247



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