Swimming in Hotel Pools Reply


(Photo: Jenny Scott)

Some days in Honiara, a cool drink or shower just doesn’t do the trick – you need to get in a pool! For those who are not lucky enough to have a pool at home, the hotels in Honiara kindly offer a great alternative.  Two that I have recently sampled are:

Heritage Park Hotel (photo above): Mendana Avenue, P: 24007, $100 adult, $50 children, visit reception upon arrival.

Honiara Hotel: Entrance in China Town, P: 21737, $50 adult, $25 children, go straight to the pool upon arrival.

Prices are per day so you are free to lounge around as long as you want. Both have changing/toilet facilities available and there is also food service.

I personally love the Heritage for a swim. While it is more expensive, it’s right on the water and the gardens are pristine. I took a visitor there recently and they found it very relaxing as well – a good holiday activity. As a relatively new hotel, it has the most ‘resort’ feeling that I’ve found in Solomon Islands. I also like the hamburgers and chips!

The Honiara Hotel pool is something special though. The artwork/sculptures that line the pool are some of the most unique things I’ve seen in Honiara. There are giant mermaids, orchids and fake palm trees with blue coconuts. There are also pool tables and a big restaurant just next to the pool area. If you want to swim regularly, they have a membership card too.



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