How to Cook Like a Local Reply


Bewildered by a breadfruit? Confounded by a cassava? Craving some cake? Then these are the books for you.

After only a few days of arriving in Honiara, it became pretty clear to me that my cookbooks from Canberra were just not going to cut it. The ingredients needed for most of my regular dishes read as a list of things that I couldn’t seem to find no matter how many shops I visited. More importantly, I kept looking around at all the great fruit and vegetables (and fish) that Solomon Islands had to offer and felt quite frustrated that I didn’t really know how to cook them properly. Just down the road I had a lovely stall, brimming every day with healthy goods just waiting for me to skill-up and enjoy them.

Luckily for me, I learnt about two great cookbooks that are for sale in Honiara and that use locally found ingredients. Both are available from the Lime Lounge.

Woodford International School Cook Book ($120) (photo above)

This book has a great selection of starters, snacks, mains, desserts, baking and drinks. It also has recipes for traditional cooking and, with a section for children, it has something for everyone in the family. Perhaps the most helpful part of the book is the full colour glossary with pictures and explanation on local produce.

One of my favorite parts of the book is the artwork, which was provided by the school children. I especially liked the ‘We Love Healthy Food’ picture just before the index – so cute!

Sweet Treats ($160)

Sweet Treats was produced by the Lime Lounge and is based around some of the delights on offer at the busy café. It’s glossy, with stunning food photography and looks amazing on a recipe stand in the kitchen. I can see myself buying some of these for gifts to take back home. The recipes include biscuits, cakes, slices and cupcakes. When you buy the book, try the Coconut and Jam Slice first. It’s a personal favorite of mine, and this recipe is very simple for the amazing result.


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