Market Visits Reply


(Photo: Rob Maccoll)

The markets in Honiara are a great place to get fresh fruit, vegetables and much, much more. They’re also great places to experience the buzz of town and I look forward to my trip each week to see what I can find. I generally just visit the Central Market and the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Market. but I’m sure there are many smaller ones around too.

Here are my top 5 market tips (so far!):

  1. Take small ‘market’ money (coins, $5, $10, $20 notes) as you may not be able to get change for large notes. There is no bartering in the markets, items will have a set price often displayed on a piece of cardboard.

  1. Visit the markets early in the morning, when the produce has not been sitting out for very long. Shopping later on in the day also gets quite hot, especially with so many people around.
  1.  Take a shopping bag or basket with you. Not all sellers will have plastic bags available and anyway, it’s better for the environment to take your own.
  1. The markets are not only for food! Head to Central Market early on Saturday for gorgeous tropical flowers and check out the beautiful jewelry too. The jewelry is great presents and souvenirs. I also recently bought and used some of the coconut oil ($20) for my hair.
  1. Wear shoes with good grip, the floor at Central Market can get slippery.

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