Honiara Hole-In-One! Reply


It’s not often that the stars align to create an event of both pure amazement and intense joy but last Saturday, a blessing was bestowed upon the Honiara Golf Club when Mitch Pirie scored a hole-in-one.

Mitch was having just a normal round of golf when he decided to trust in his natural, enthusiastic swing. Giving the ball a major whack, he looked off into the distance to see where his efforts had landed. As it was a sunny day, he squinted as he tried to determine where his ball was now located. And then, from behind him, his fellow golfers began to speculate, with a little hesitation, that it may have gone into hole number 7 on the first hit.

Once he peered in the hole, and the magic was confirmed, Mitch said he was taken aback by the occurrence, ‘I just couldn’t believe it! I was completely floored; I’m never going to forget this’. His companions shared in the delight of the event with one stating, ‘This is a once in a lifetime event to witness. I’m so excited to have been here today to see this. I’ll probably never see one again’.

A hole-in-one is a rare occurrence in golf, with the last one being recorded in Honiara in 2006.  Unsurprisingly, his shot will be recorded on a board at the Golf Club and he was rewarded with a voucher from Jaycar at Renandi.

After he rang the bell and shouted the bar, Mitch celebrated that night with family and friends. He is looking forward to getting back on the course next week.

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