Triathlon Club Reply

By Cid Mateo

With the year now in full swing and people finding their mojo in paradise, I’d like to tell you about a small local project a few of us are involved with – the local triathlon club.

It meets Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings for swimming training at its home base in Kakambona.  All are welcome, we just ask that you introduce yourself to the Nathan (Thomo), the club’s head coach, or the senior group, and keep in mind that the team is training.  The club holds monthly races on the last Saturday of the month, including triathlon relays, and swim-run (aquathlon) events, which you are welcome to join.

The beach belongs to Margaret and Godfrey, who live across the road, and their relatives. If they are around, introduce yourself and please respect their home.  The club is extremely lucky to have access to the beach to train and race.

The club’s profile is growing thanks to local recruitment – they are mostly young men, but also a group of young women are training towards their first triathlon. This is a very big achievement in this environment.

As with most local not-for-profits, the club runs on the goodwill of a rusty chain – literally – and is looking for help in-kind (e.g. goggles, caps, running shoes, socks, bikes, parts, old notebooks, etc.), cold-hard cash or your time to teach club administration skills (e.g. sponsorship, sports development, fundraising, budgeting, media, etc.). We are making good strides in helping the locals members run the club themselves.  This is a first for the club. As most of the gear is unavailable in Honiara, we’re always looking for mules to bring things back so if you have space, please think of us.

For more information about the triathlon club, please contact the coach, Nathan Thompson Siofa on 7473333 (from April 1st).


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