Felt Vases Reply

By Jackie Eager

I’m enjoying the tropical flowers of the Solomon Islands. Each Saturday, flower sellers come to the Central Market to sell their flowers and greenery. While you can buy an arranged bunch, most of the stalls are of one or two types of flowers that you buy with the aim of arranging at home. I walked up and down the row, picking this flower and that, and chatting with the sellers. The market is packed with people, and it’s hot and noisy – an atmosphere that I find quite invigorating (in small doses!).

It seemed to me that everything on offer was $5 Solomon Dollars which equates to roughly $1 Australian Dollar. One of the good things about living in the tropics is just how readily available these beautiful plants are, as we only spent about $10 AUD to create five arrangements around the house. Coming home from the market, I enjoyed getting my vases out and putting the flowers together to see what looked best. I think this will become a new ritual for me to do on the weekends.

I was a little short on vases so took some empty pasta sauce jars and decorated them with felt and ribbon (I was inspired by a tea light project I saw on Cut Out and Keep). The new vases add a little extra something to our new home, making it a little bit more ours.

vase 2


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